Stellar in 10 Most Innovative Contact Centre Solution Providers 2018

Stellar is proud to have been included in Insight Success' 10 Most Innovative Contact Centre Solution Providers 2018.
Stellar is very proud to have been included in the 10 Most Innovative Contact Centre Solution Providers of 2018.

To celebrate the win, Insights Success sat down with John Zisis, Head of Customer Solutions. John’s discussion with Insights Success went into detail about some of the ways we stay innovative, and you can read this piece with them on their website.

Some of our advice:

You can’t disrupt us if we get there first

Running a contact centre isn’t easy work; there’s so much involved in the logistics of staffing and prioritising. Operating an efficient contact centre means finding that sweet spot where you can create a superior customer experience while still keeping costs down for the client. To make the challenge even harder, we’re now in a world where it’s not enough to just effectively run a contact centre, you also need to be innovating. We’ve seen what Uber did to taxis, what Netflix did to video rental. We have discussions all the time about disrupting ourselves before we can get disrupted.

For us, this means finding clients that are excited to go along for the ride in trying new technologies. Sometimes that even means we take a bold leap and take on a new proof of concept without a client (or with one who’s willing to split the cost with us). This is how we were ready for social media customer care when it was in its infancy, and how we are already preparing for robotic process automation.

It’s a team effort

In the Insights Success piece John touched on how we are a “digitally-aware organisation, scanning the digital horizon”. Stellar’s Innovation Hub on our intranet encourages all staff to come up with lightbulb ideas to share with the business. We then have a task force who take those ideas and run with them, exploring what that idea will mean to our business, and deciding if we go ahead with it – or if we park it for another day.

The next big idea won’t necessarily come from the executive team, and we know that including everyone from Stellar in the process is the best way to keep us moving forward.

We’ll always need people

In his interview, John said “it’s not just about giving clients a chatbot and leaving it to them to figure out”. The technology is just one part of the equation, and when it comes to customer care, it’s arguably the least important part… you can’t just switch a bot on and keep your fingers crossed that it will solve all your customer experience problems. You have to question – how does it fit into your channel mix? What customer interactions will it take care of? How do you escalate a problem the bot can’t fix?

We hear a lot about automation and the robots taking our jobs; but we know that customers will always appreciate a human touch, and human care behind the easier self-serve methods. That’s why our clients need us; and it’s why we know humanity will never go out of business.

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