Delivering exceptional experience that matters

Delivering exceptional experience that matters

About Us

We are a leading customer experience organisation, operating across Australia, Asia, North America and Africa. We design and deploy solutions anchored around the delivery of exceptional customer experiences through our Customer Management, Consulting and Intelligent Automation businesses.  For over 20 years, we have designed solutions that respond to the changing needs and expectations voiced by customers and employees alike.

Organisations turn to us for help in converting their customer needs into actions. Understanding our client’s strategic drivers and business goals enables us to deliver the right solution as a trusted partner, augmenting people with technology to bring out the best in both. With expertise across multiple industries and key business functions, we deliver outstanding experiences, driving innovation to improve the way business is done.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear: to be the best global experience management organisation. This clarity drives everything we do and we are passionate; passionate about people, and passionate about the experience we deliver. Our clients choose us because they trust us to be their partner and lead them through the challenge of digital customer experience transformation, ensuring they are at the forefront of accelerating customer expectations.

Our employees stay with us because they know they are valued and their experience with us is our priority. The knowledge and skill of our employees in delivering transformative customer experiences, and our constant drive for improvement and new knowledge, supported by research and the best technology, will lead us to our goal of becoming the best global experience management organisation.

Our Values

“The strength of our culture is that it galvanises our people to a shared purpose – we bring our best to the table each and every day, for our clients and for each other.” – Kelli Hayes, CEO


Believing that enjoyment, motivation and engagement are at the heart of every role.


Choosing to act with honesty and make decisions that are aligned with our values.


Creating a safe, enjoyable environment by ensuring everyone feels valued and appreciated.


Maintaining our position as industry leaders by encouraging each other to improve our business through ideas.


Being open, honest, clear and forthcoming in the way that we communicate.

Our Culture

We embrace the principles of Open Book Management (OBM), developed over 30 years ago by Jack Stack. It’s the key to our success, and our clients agree.  

We give our people the opportunity to learn the rules, keep score and share a stake in the outcome. A methodology which enables us to deliver great outcomes to our clients. 

We educate our people to understand each client’s industry, why they’ve chosen to partner with us and what they want to achieve. We enable our people to track and understand their performance, rewarding them through our unique profit share program, measured against individual KPI’s.

I Belong at Stellar

Our backgrounds, culture and experiences are how we become the people we are, and it’s the people who make our company great. We aim to create an environment where our uniqueness can thrive, where those special attributes can be of greatest benefit – both to our people and to our business. 

Regardless of background, we want to ensure everyone has the right tools for success.

Because when we belong, we succeed. Together.

Community Engagement

We are proud to support a number of charities and organisations globally, raising funds for a variety of programs. Our teams work to identify the local causes and organisations that mean the most to them.

Awards and accreditations

We are among the most awarded outsources in the industry, and are proud to have been awarded Frost & Sullivan’s Contact Centre Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year for the last eight consecutive years (2012-2019).

Our Locations

Our global footprint includes sites located in Australia, Asia, North America and Africa.

We’ve strategically chosen our homes around the globe to be able to offer our clients the best fit for their needs.

We lead with the right team

When specialising in CX, experience matters. Nowhere is the value we place in experience more clearly demonstrated than in our leadership team.

Going beyond BPO, we blend our long term expertise in CX and technology which contributes to the stability and success of our client relationships, our people and our business.

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