Channel surfing

Understand and adapt to changes in your customers’ channel preferences and needs.

Channel surfing

Understand and adapt to changes in your customers’ channel preferences and needs.


Customer preferences are both personal and changeable, and in a Utopian world, organisations aren’t the ones to make the call on where and what customers can do.

The goal of Channel Surfing is building a framework to understand what customers want, where they want to engage, and modifying this as their preferences evolve. 

Balancing the needs of experience and cost effectiveness isn’t always easy, but get a good grip of the moments that matter for your customers – these are the ones where the experience really needs to line up with what the customer wants.

  • Channel surfing is about giving customers the options on how they choose to interact with us.
  • Understand how and by what channel you are best to manage certain call types.
    • For example, account balance – quick call, no action, no change, low value interaction which can be better served in another channel.
    • Customers are more likely to want to engage with you when they have a complaint, because they want a resolution. We can also hopefully identify a resolution.
  • This is about empowering the customer, “let me give you the right tools when you want and how you want”.
  • Channel of choice is important to the customer, “if I want to call I will, if I want to interact through a digital channel I will”.
  • Strategy needs to align channel and enquiry type.


  • Capture the insights.
  • Survey your customers.
  • Ask them how they want to engage with you.
  • Listen for enquiry types that you know are suited for automation and digital channels.
    • For example, IVR  = customers will tell you when they had to press 5 options in order to get to you.
  • You need to make it really easy for customers to use.


We all know that customers benchmark their best experiences against everything in their lives – not just comparable services. 

While this means that sometimes their new exciting experience in an unrelated industry can lift their expectations, don’t get caught up with keeping up. 

Not every channel or technology is the right fit for your customers and your organisation, so get your customers involved in guiding your channel strategy. They know what they need from you.

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