Because when we belong, we succeed. Together.

Because when we belong, we succeed. Together.

I Belong at Stellar

Our backgrounds, culture and experiences are how we become the people we are, and it’s our people who make our company great. 

We aim to create an environment where our uniqueness can thrive; where those special attributes can be of greatest benefit, both to you and to our business. 

Regardless of background, we want to ensure everyone has the right tools for success.

"A Diversity and Inclusion mindset is just how good workforces operate... we all benefit from the rich talent of a diverse workforce: inclusion simply means we give diversity a seat at the table".
Kelli Hayes, CEO

Bringing your best

We know that belonging is about being able to bring your best self to work, regardless of your background or experience.

We strive to ensure we create an inclusive culture for our people to thrive and succeed. That’s why we are a member of the Diversity Council of Australia, to help us create a pathway to successful change.

We have always believed in the importance of diversity in teams, and have always followed a “best person for the job” philosophy. This is represented in our latest results which show that 52% of our managers are female. 

For more information on our inclusive aims, please view our Statement of Intent



Getting a balance between personal and professional life can be a challenge.
We aim to help our people continue their commitments outside of the workplace through offering flexible working arrangements. Whether it be for study or to support their family, we want to assist them in finding that balance.

Cultural Diversity

We are proud of our culture as everyone is welcome at Stellar. Diversity and what our people bring to the workplace is celebrated along with letting them know that their contribution matters to our success. We believe these are the building blocks for a great place to work.


We believe that age is just a number, and so we provide support to our people. Our partnership with the IllawaraYES Program helps give young people entry level employment pathways with industry-specific training and skills.


We are committed to providing an accessible environment for all. We carefully consider the needs and accessibility requirements of our people and our customers, making workplace adjustments, where possible, to ensure we can all work to the best of our abilities. Our partnership with the Disability Employment Service has led to the placement of several candidates over the last 12 months.


We are proud to have a strong LGBTQI+ community and we embrace a safe, comfortable workplace environment for all sexual and gender identities. In 2019, we supported the LGBTQI+ community by taking part in the Metro Manila Pride March with over 52 of our people participating.

Diversity in Relationships

We recognise the need to be diverse across all of our business, including sourcing from our suppliers. That’s why our Western Australian centres have teamed up with QCA to support the Bibbulmun Fund. Through the purchase of the Bibbulmun office products, we help to support the creation of business opportunities and development of skills for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across Australia.

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