Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Pioneering innovative technology

With an AI first mindset, we create human led intelligent technology solutions for our partners. From automation to augmentation, our designs are focused on customer and employee experience. 

Focused on real customer problems, our technology solutions underpinned by analytics, design thinking and an agile mindset to inform both what the problem is to be solved, and how we go about solving it. 

Our goal is to do the heavy lifting on technology exploration, allowing our clients to access best in breed solutions and CX-anchored thinking to help them shape their relationship with their customers in the digital world.  

AI Assisted Customer

It's not news that customers are increasingly looking for self-serve options in digital channels. They're busy, and whether it's a transactional relationship or a life-long loyal entanglement, they still want it to be easy and always available.

Through rich analytics, we dig deep into data to understand customers, pre-empt their next action, and give businesses understanding about what customers really need.

Our goal is to uncover the things customers want to do themselves, and build right-sized experiences with virtual agents, natural language voice support, and predictive proactive engagement that puts the customer in the pilot's seat.

AI Assisted Employee

Our people are still our most valuable asset, and our goal is to augment their roles so that technology takes out the noise and lets them make the most of their human skills. Whether it's supporting customers with sensitive, complex or high-empathy engagements, or training bots to handle new exceptions or processing, it's all about blending the best of people and technology.

Assisting agents with prompted next best actions, offering real time sentiment support and coaching, using VR to super charge training and coaching... we're bringing employee experience science fiction to life.

Intelligent Process Automation

The purpose of intelligent process automation is to take away processes that are either too structured to justify spending human time on them, or too risky to leave human error in the mix. Accessing the speed and accuracy of robots for these processes ensures quality and frees up humans to catch the complex tasks, driving benefits for both the business and the employees.

Where processes exist, intelligent automation can follow. Our team of automation specialists thrive on hunting down processes where bots are simply better.

Intelligent Outreach

Bringing together the strength of humans and tech, we’re now using AI to help us connect with customers at scale through our Intelligent Outreach solution.

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