Jump on for the ride

Use journey mapping to understand moments of truth, pain points, and triggers.

Jump on for the ride

Use journey mapping to understand moments of truth, pain points, and triggers.


Surveys and satisfaction generally measure the customer experience on a specific interaction or call.

Understanding a customer journey gives you deeper insight into what is shaping a customer’s opinion of your brand – and highlights where your processes or policies may be breaking the promises you’ve made.


Customer Journey Mapping looks at every touch point – from marketing messages right through to self serve, research, contact centre interactions, payments, etc. – that a customer goes through in a given scenario.

You can do this holistically (looking at an entire customer cycle) or dig deep into a specific process or issue.

The journey mapping will plot when the customer interacts, in which channel, what the outcome is, and what sentiment is attached to each action.

  • Conduct customer interviews or focus sessions to directly hear the voice of your customers.
  • Overlay what the customers are telling you with data from any insights tools.
  • Include any documented process flows to determine what should have happened.
  • Plot the experience on a timeline – piecing the puzzle together.

This is used to identify what worked well, what detracted from their experience or broke a brand promise, and what enhanced the customer’s perception of your brand.


  • Communicate your journey mapping activities and learnings to a wider audience in your business. It puts a persona to your customer – brings them to life.
  • Your journeys will highlight processes that need to be updated, training gaps for your team, new channel needs or preferences, or issues you had never even contemplated.

Be prepared to trust what the customers are telling you, even if it seems like it’s so unique it’s “just one customer”.

You’re not fixing the process to improve their experience: you’re changing it so that all of your other customers have a better journey.

Download a sample journey overview by clicking the image below.

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