Stellar in Australian Financial Review

The role of outsourced contact centres has changed as businesses use them not just to lower costs but to also understand their customers. Discover more in this article published by Australian Financial Review.

Stellar was featured in the Australian Financial Review on Friday 26 August 2016, in an article that explores how outsourcing can get companies closer to their customer. Our CEO Melissa Hamilton talks about the customer journey, Open Book Management and the true potential behind customer service calls.

To read the article, click on the image to open the PDF.

Get closer to your customer: Stellar in AFR [PDF, 1.72mb]​

About The Author

Stefanie Cutrera
Stefanie oversees the internal communications strategy and execution within our business, managing all communication platforms and setting the gold standard in getting information disseminated to the right people.

When she’s not devising clever new ways of opening up communication lines at Stellar, Stefanie loves to travel.

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