Stellar Trends & Insights Report: January 2018

Join us to discover the latest trends across Australian industry and customer experience. In this issue: peek at your city's performance history, catch a ride from a robo-car, and order paperclips without lifting a finger.

The Stellar Trends & Insights Report keeps us at the cutting edge of trends in our industry and in customer experience. It kicks off internal conversations at Stellar about how our clients might be impacted and how we can make improvements to our business to navigate change.

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Melbourne vs Sydney vs Brisbane

Australian Government releases cities performance dashboard

The Australian Federal Government has announced a National Cities Performance Framework, a publicly-accessible dashboard that tracks major economic and social indicators across capital cities and large regional centres across the country. The dashboard will initially use data collected from the 2016 Census and can be used by industry, governments, and the community to target cities policy and investments.

This interactive snapshot provides fascinating insights into how cities have developed across Australia. Improving accessibility to data on important economic, social and urban development trends can only be a good thing for anyone interested in the information – whether the general public, policy makers, academics, researchers, urban planners, property developers, the list goes on…

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No Small Talk Required

Driverless public transport potentially coming NSW’s way

Photo credit: Jeremy Bishop

The NSW government is looking into using driverless vehicles for its public transport. Transport for NSW has opened a formal expression of interest process to gather ideas before trials in mid-2018. The trials will extend to private transport options including taxis and on-demand personal and shared mobility solutions. The agency is targeting startups, tech companies, local councils and academic institutions to provide innovative ideas.

London may have had driverless trains for over 30 years, but seeing this to extend to Australia and even include private transport options could be a breakthrough, although it’s fair to say it’s very much early days.

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Ok Google, What’s On Special?

Google Assistant can now be used to find out more about products sold at Officeworks

Following on from Woolworths integrating with Google Assistant to allow consumers to build shopping lists, Officeworks is now integrated with Google Assistant via Google Home devices and compatible smartphones. The integration allows voice-activated searches for information on 35,000 product lines, including checking product availability, along with confirming store locations and trading hours. To initiate a conversation with Officeworks, consumers only need to say ‘Ok Google, talk to Officeworks’ to their compatible device.

As voice-activated devices like Google Home become more commonplace, expect to see more and more retailers to get on the bandwagon, although any first-mover advantage is starting to disappear.

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