Stellar’s Melissa Hamilton Sleeps Out

On 22 June 2017, Stellar Asia Pacific’s CEO Melissa Hamilton slept rough at Melbourne University to raise funds for Australia's most vulnerable people. Read more about her experience and how she raised $22k to help provide practical assistance.

On 22 June 2017, Stellar Asia Pacific’s CEO Melissa Hamilton slept rough at Melbourne University to raise funds for Australia’s most vulnerable people. Vinnie’s CEO Sleepout invites CEOs every year to sleep rough for one night to raise funds for homelessness in Australia – and awareness about what we can all do to bring about change.

On the night, Melissa beamed live video back to the Stellar team via Workplace by Facebook. With only some cardboard, a beanie and a sleeping bag to keep warm; she talked about the people she’d met.

Pictured: a still from Melissa’s live video

“The night focused on the volunteers – incredible people who have been helping for decades. I sat with one man for almost an hour sharing stories.”

The event was held in a parking building at Melbourne University, with 223 CEOs facing 6° temperatures. Melissa says,

"the cold seeped through after a few hours, and you could hear every sound amplified. The time awake overnight gave me plenty of time to reflect on just how lucky I am and how close all of us are to being in the shoes of people experiencing homelessness.”

The Melbourne Corporate office held a pyjama breakfast the following day, donning their best jammies for one last fundraising boost. Melissa spoke to the group in the morning before recording a video for Workplace by Facebook, sharing her experiences with Stellar staff from all over the country.

Pictured: a still from Melissa’s thank you video

To support Melissa and raise awareness and funds, Stellar staff threw their enthusiasm behind the cause. Fundraising efforts were varied and creative – soup days, beanie days, and a silent auction that alone brought in over $2k. Melissa raised over $22k for the CEO Sleepout, and Stellar is so proud of her.

You can still donate to the cause here:

Or visit the Vinnies website to find out how you can volunteer your time or energy to make a difference:

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