They have a lot to say

Hear what your customers are telling you and convert it into meaningful action.

They have a lot to say

Hear what your customers are telling you and convert it into meaningful action.


Customers are keen to tell organisations about the kind of service they want to receive – whether it’s the channels they prefer, what went wrong or right that made them contact you in the first place, and how you stack up compared to other experiences they are having.

If you listen to what they have to say, you can convert it to real action that results in better experiences for all customers over time.

  • Listen to the voice of the customer.
  • Take the time to understand what works for them, what they want when they interact, where their pain is, in order to help you form your point of difference.


  • Ask for Transactional Feedback after a call/interaction. There are three different ways to measure this:
    1. NPS – “On a scale of zero-to-ten, how likely is it that you would recommend us (or this product/service/brand) to a friend or colleague?”
    2. Customer Satisfaction – CSAT can be customer satisfaction relating to the interaction, i.e. how satisfied are you with the resolution [or] information provided [or] interaction.  It can also be CSAT relating to agent satisfaction – i.e. how satisfied are you with the agent who you interacted with today.
    3. Customer Effort Score – how easy was it to resolve your issue today? AND how easy was it to interact with [brand] today
  • Open a Relationship Survey – reaching out to your customers at other touch points can be really effective. (e.g. if they have just moved house, are they a churn risk, or a silent customer). It is important to still engage even if the customer has not specifically reached out to you, to find out how they’re feeling and what they’re expecting of you.


  • Act on what you’re hearing by identifying trends and taking steps to address pain points your customers are reporting.
  • Make it all about repeatable continuous improvement – nothing is “set and forget” for your customers.

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