Time to level up

Leverage technology to support both customers and agents.

Time to level up

Leverage technology to support both customers and agents.


There is a lot that you can achieve in driving CX improvement with just operational and process changes. If you’ve got a bit of cash to splash though, the improvements can be accelerated, for both your employees and your customers. Make sure you invest wisely to maximise impact.



  • Process guidance and centralised knowledge repositories are great tools for your people, and if you’re moving toward virtual agents or chatbots, a good knowledge back end will be key. 
  • If you’re starting from scratch, work out whether you’re creating for humans, robots, or both – it’ll impact your design.


  • If you have repetitive tasks, particularly across multiple systems, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) may be a good way to free up your humans to focus on more valuable tasks.
  • On complex interactions, attended or assisted automation is the way to go – your people can keep talking while the robot does your admin.
  • Good for your accuracy and customer experience in the long run, GREAT for your agents.

Automated Quality Management (AQM)

  • If your quality program needs a bit of love to make sure it’s delivering the right compliance and experience outcomes, hold back on AQM.
  • Much like other automation, don’t automate something that is broken – invest a bit of time up front to get the inputs right first.


  • This is an early winner for us in most circumstances.
  • Sentiment monitoring and speech/text analysis is valuable on scale to any organisation. 
  • Real time analysis (live on the calls) is becoming more available, and it’s an amazing way to support your employees on difficult interactions, as well as intercepting negative experiences in the moment that matters.


Whatever you decide to invest in, after you’ve found the right vendor, make sure you invest in operationalising it. The value comes from how you use your insights and tools day to day, and a well designed and supported launch will see you netting benefits earlier than an organic deployment.

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